2 Meals Donated for Every Purchase!

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Over 582,000 People Are Experiencing Homelessness Across America.

One In Thirty Children Experience Homelessness Each Year.

Families Account For 40-50% Of People Experiencing Homelessness In America.

So What Are We Doing To Help?

We've partnered with the Nyack Homeless Project so your purchase makes an impact

For every item you purchase, we donate two meals to families experiencing homelessness

100% of profits from the Essentials Collection are donated to combat homelessness

Each purchase directly helps the distribution of new clothes, food, and other nececities

How It Works

Step 1

You place an order

In addition to crafting your order, we will be working behind the scenes to get all the donations ready. For every item you purchase, we will donate two meals. For every item purchased from the Essentials Collection, we will donate 100% of the profits from that item.

Step 2

We send the donation

Once we've prepared the donations, we transfer them to our partner, The Nyack Homeless Project, so that they can distribute essentials to those in need.

Step 3

Items are distributed

Once our partner receives the donations, they work with over 30 organizations to help distribute clothes, food, and other necessities to people experiencing homelessness.

About The Nyack Homeless Project

The Nyack Homeless Project is a 501c(3) non-profit grass roots organization

They focus on providing new clothes, food, and other essentials to families experiencing homelessness

They work with over 30 organizations across upstate New York to help those in need